When students or parents think of JEE or Medical Entrance Exam preparation they like to prefer the place where they not only get quality education but also required competitive edge adequate peer group and interactive teaching methodology and thus bothra has emerged as the informed choice for the responsibility of thousands of aspirants and trust of their parents for almost two decades

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Itโ€™s about using mathematics and Science to solve real time problems .By applying scientific ,economic and mathematical knowledge, engineers work to design, build, maintain and improve all sorts of things, including structures, machines electronic devices, systems and processes.


India is budding as an ultimate destination for medicine research and development. Thus, there is an immense scope for medicine professionals to cure ailments and advice on healthier lifestyles So, if you think you have that zeal to serve people, then choose Medicine as a career.


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It would be wrong if I say that I had a 4 year journey with Bothra Classes, because it's something that is still a part of me. I joined Bothra Classes in 9th grade, unsure of what I wanted to pursue in the future. The excellent faculty there made me realise my true potential. They taught me to dream big, and achieve bigger. If anyone deserves credit, other than my family, for making me the man I am today, it's Both-ra Classes. There have been highs and lows, times when I doubted myself, but someone at Bothra Classes has always stood with me steadfast, believing in me and making me believe in myself. The teaching material and personal assistance that I got there along with dedicated efforts by the faculty, helped me tremendously. The toughest time for me was not the one before, but the one after I joined IIT, because I missed my days at Bothra Classes so much and nothing seemed be even close to the fun I used to have there. At that time too, it was none other than our dear Rathi sir, who came to the rescue.


Bothra Classes had always been my second home. The fac-ulty was always ready to help with the only need being some enthusiasm from our sides. The reason that Bothra Classes stands out is that there is a personal touch that we got from Bothra sir, Rathi sir and Nishant sir. The weekly tests system was a great motivation booster to perform better and better week by week. Personal counsel-ling by Rathi Sir for the path ahead after JEE was helpful too.


My two years at Bothra classes symbolises a personโ€™s life in general, with a lots of ups and downs. The faculty was like our family and the HOD's not less than our parents. The amazing teaching methodology ensured that every concept was understood and the weekly tests and tons of assignments ensured that we were on our toes the whole time. We were taught lots of tricks and shortcuts that gave us an edge over our competitors.The atmosphere at Bothra classes was very conducive to personal growth and leaning where each student received personal attention from the faculties whenever required. Having spent some time in IIT Bombay, I can proudly say that this dream was made possible only because of Bothra classes and that never will I ever find teachers like those ever again! A typical student teachers relationship here is not just limited to studies , they know us and understand us to the core. I would like to thank Rathi Sir personally for helping me make the decision of coming to IIT Bombay because I can't even imagine the plethora of things I would've missed if I hadn't come here. He was always very helpful and approachable Being a part of this amazing family has surely had a great impact on my life and has helped shape my future and I can say this from personal experience that Bothra Classes is one of the best institutes with the best faculties available and joining it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Bothra Classes will always remain a second home to me.


Taking admission in Bothra classes for JEE preparations was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. When you join Bothra you will feel as a part of one big fami-ly. The faculty at Bothra Classes is really nice and the teach-ing methodology is really perfect for JEE. Also I found the faculty very approachable including the HOD's. Bothra Clas-ses helped me grow in confidence and made me come out of my shell. The atmosphere at Bothra Classes is just the one that you will need to crack JEE with a good score. Also the weekly test system helps you keep up with the things that are being taught and helps you analyse your strengths and your weaknesses. And the trio of Nishant Sir, Rathi Sir and Bothra Sir is a billion dollar trio with their experience. I con-sider Bothra Classes to be one of the best because it was due to them that I was able to get admission in one of the most prestigious institutes in the world. And I really enjoyed the two years that I spent at Bothra Classes. It has become like a second home for me now and it will always remain that way.


Bothra has been a part of my life for about two years but that phase has left fond memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life. The lively lectures and constant support of the faculties is something I will always be eternally grateful for. Moreover the feeling of complete dedication and devotion towards our aim, a sense of confidence and belief in our-selves and satisfaction with our efforts which was inculcated in me, is something I will never forget. Be it morally or aca-demically , the faculties were very helpful. I owe some of my most treasured memories to Bothra Classes. Most importantly, I would never have come to know such great mentors and good friends without it.

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