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Empowering dreams, our students speak of transformative experiences at Bothra Classes. From top IIT ranks to life-changing moments, their success stories reflect the quality education and unwavering support they received. Join us on the journey to academic excellence!

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Joining Bothra Classes was a life-changing decision. It’s not just a coaching institute; it’s a second home for many.

Naman Soni

JEE Advanced-21 | AIR 6

I’m confident about my JEE exams, thanks to the top-notch faculty at Bothra Classes, especially Rathi Sir.


Raghav Ajmera

JEE Main-21 | Percentile 99.9990296

I had a transformative 4-year experience at Bothra Classes, which continues to shape my life. Joining in 9th grade with uncertain career goals, the outstanding faculty there helped me discover my potential and fostered big dreams. They’ve played a pivotal role in my personal growth, and I credit them alongside my family for who I am today. Through highs and lows, their unwavering support and belief in me have been a constant. It’s not wrong to say Bothra Classes remains an integral part of my identity, and I’m deeply grateful for the enduring impact they’ve had on my journey.


Bharat Khandelwal

JEE Advanced-15 | AIR 5

Joining Bothra Classes was a life-changing decision. It’s not just a coaching institute; it’s a second home for many. The teachers are not only talented but incredibly humble and dedicated. Weekly tests help students analyze and tackle challenges effectively. The classes are not just educational but also enjoyable. The most significant change was developing the ability to think critically, which greatly improved my performance in JEE-21 and continues to benefit me in college. Bothra Classes has left a memorable mark on my journey, fostering personal growth and success.


Naman Soni

JEE Advanced-21 | AIR 6

It’s great to hear that Bothra Classes played a crucial role in helping you achieve your dream of entering a top institute and supported your academic journey. Such experiences and supportive environments can indeed make a significant difference in a student’s life. It’s wonderful that you found the student-faculty synergy, regular testing, and alumni network to be valuable aspects of your educational experience with Bothra Classes. Congratulations on your journey to IIT, and I hope you continue to excel in your studies and future endeavors.


Shabnam Sahay

JEE Advanced-19 | AIR 10

I enrolled at Bothra Classes for my NEET 2021 preparation & currently in AIIMS Jodhpur. The conceptual teaching approach alleviates last-minute stress.

Carol Patel

NEET-21 | Marks 690 / 720

The institute attracts talented students, fostering a competitive spirit through regular tests.


Shree Patel

NEET-23 | Marks 678 / 720

Bothra classes fulfilled my dream of getting into one of the top institutes in the country. Over the course of two years, time and again, i did some impressive things that I hitherto thought weren’t possible for me. They provided me with the perfect environment and a great student & faculty pool to bring about the best out of myself. The weekly tests helped me constantly judge my performance. and kept me motivated. to strive harder and harder….Whenever I needed something for my studies.


Shailja Bhatt

NEET-20 | Marks 691 / 720

I joined Bothra classes in my 9th class with foundation course, and from there to the getting admission into Gujarat’s 1st Rank medical College, BJMC, Bothra Classes play a vital role in my journey. Whatever I need as NEET aspirant, I find everything here with best mentors, a stress free and free to ask anything atmosphere, a disciplined approach by mentors, very precise material which follows latest NEET trends, paper on a very great frequency.


Rahi Shah

NEET-23 | Marks 690 / 720

I joined Bothra Classes in my 10th standard. I want to thanks specially my parents and mentors to achieve my goal in NEET(UG)- 2021 with a perfect score of 360 in Biology. I studied my 12th class in online mode due to covid-19 outrage, but teachers take care of everything from lecture, practice material to the personal guidance and personal attention. Teachers here guide you in such a manner that you will be able to avoid almost every mistake in your papers and can maximise your score.


Harshit Patel

NEET-21 | Marks 675 / 720

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